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Insect Repellent Placemats


Our unique Insect Repellent Placemats, made from 100% Organic Cotton, keep mosquitoes and other insects at a remote distance. The placemats are odorless and perfectly fit on dinner and sidetables. Easy and comfortable protection against insects. Use the placemats during camping, picknick, garden and balcony activities.

The placemats have a 2-side print, you can mix and match. Everytime it seems like you have new placemats! Try to mix different colours, this way you will have a fun, cheerfully decorated table. 

The Placemats may be washed at 40 degrees with any normal washing liquid. In order to maintain the system do not dry clean the placemats. Use fabric softener. You can wash the placemats up to 100 times to keep its functionality of anti mosquito protection, after that you just have a nice placemat. 

Why Buy?

  • 6 different colours available

  • Set of 2 placemats in package

  • Double-sided print (see pictures)

  • 100% organic cotton, placemats are odorless!

  • Insect repellent function

  • 100x washing, rebooted system,

  • 40 degrees wash

  • Dimensions placemats: 40 cm x 30 cm!

Choose size and colour