Bottle cooler Gran’CruZzz

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  • Bottle cooler Gran’CruZzz
  • Bottle cooler Gran’CruZzz
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Bottle cooler Gran’CruZzz


The MosquitNo Gran’CruZzz Bottle Cooler is multifunctional and contains an sponge like element containing citronella odour during 2 months. Use the Bottle Cooler as wine cooler or water cooler. The Gran’CruZzz can also be used as ice cube holder, vase or table bin. The Gran’CruZzz is an original gift for friends, colleagues, family, guests and your customers.

The bottle cooler has a special design, the grids ensure that the gom does not fall out of the bottle cooler when you move it. All-in-1 Waterproof Wine cooler, vase, table bin and ice cube holder!

Why Buy?

  • Elegant and stylish design

  • Multifunctional: wine- and water cooler, flower vase, ice cub holder

  • Working duration: at least 2 months

  • Refills available

  • Natural odor